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Simply create your resume using this site, and download the result as a high quality PDF for free.
pdf-resumes has many advantages over competing sites and common document tools, as described below the examples.

Below are three examples created from the same resume, simply by changing the resume style.

Thanks to the user friendly web-based user interface, it is easy to create the resume you want in just three simple steps.
  • Create an account by clicking 'Sign up' in the top left corner. This ensures that only you can edit your resume, and view the resume until you are ready to make it public.
  • Manage the sections, entries, contact information and presentations style. This is as easy as clicking a button, and during the process the current resume is displayed ensuring a fast and straightforward process.
  • Download the created resume as a high quality PDF by clicking Create PDF.

Behind the simple interface, a high-quality typesetting engine called Latex is put to work, to create a document of the highest standard that you can download and share.
  • Different presentation styles have been produced, so you can choose the one that fits your purpose and personality.
  • Latex is a mature and professional typesetting engine. It holds all the principles known to produce good looking and readable documents.
  • Latex is not used by many ordinary computer users since it is a technical application that many people find hard to use. With pdf-resumes the power of Latex is offered to you via a user friendly web interface, letting you specify the resume you want, and obtain it in the highest possible quality.

The result is a PDF document, which is an open standard and the most portable document format. This means your resume can be viewed and printed from almost any computer, avoiding situations where the employer is unable to view and therefore consider the received resume. There are also open office document standards such as ODF and DOCX, but the typesetting quality of these documents does not compare to the resumes produced by pdf-resumes.

Advertise your skills
You can also choose to make your resume publicly available using pdf-resumes. This will allow everyone to see your resume. It will be possible to find your resume using Google and other search engines, and pdf-resumes has its own search facilities. This allows companies and headhunters to find you when they need a person with your qualifications.

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